The doughnut dream

It must have been all that country air or something, because I started making doughnuts a couple of years back and got hooked. Well- that’s half the story.

Then, close to a year ago, we spotted an Airstream caravan for sale on the side of the road. It wasn’t until I made a comment about it to the lady in a nearby store, that we discovered it was for sale. ┬áThat was it. I may as well have kissed goodbye to 2016, because I have never been so totally, utterly and entirely immersed in something [sorry about that friends and family]. It has been the most challenging and headscratching task- but unbelievably rewarding. And finally, FINALLY… she is ready to go.

Sweet&Savage is the combination some of my most favourite things: doughnuts, coffee and people.

Come and find us in Akaroa this summer!

Here’s a few before and after shots, because who doesn’t love a good reno? xx






Ain’t she cute?!

[Last two pics by our lovely friend Peta Mazey] x


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