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T H E   B A C K S T O R Y : 

Every once in a while, you’re fortunate enough to befriend people who are beyond genuine, and just so clever it’s not funny. And you feel compelled to share their cleverness, because they’ve inspired you. But the most admirable thing of all is witnessing their sheer dedication- because of course these things don’t happen without painstaking hard work. This is my clever and ace people corner. I hope you enjoy meeting them.

A dose of inspiration: Emma, Paul and Twenty Seven Steps.

The minute I met Emma, I knew I liked her- and that sooner or later, we’d be friends. Emma and her Paul are the friendliest, funniest and most down-to-earth people you could ever hope to meet.  They are in the business of serving you delicious food, filling your glass and making you feel like the most important person dining in their restaurant. But not with a fuss, because that’s not their buzz. So far, they’ve earned a pretty sparkly track record. Just five or so years back, they were making their first move on the hospitality scene. They parted ways with their baby ‘The Little Bistro’ in Akaroa earlier this year, but they left a fan club and legacy in their wake. [Yep, me included!] Twenty Seven Steps really stepped things up a notch. It was big, bold and brave. And they have executed it with confidence and finesse. A short hop up two flights of stairs [twenty seven, to be exact] off picturesque New Regent Street in Christchurch and you are welcomed into the warm ambience of their restaurant. It is sophisticated, refined- yet completely unpretentious. Quietly impressive, this place is them, personified.

But they’re not inclined to get distracted by the compliments, nor the fanfare. They actually just love to serve up the tastiest, most wholesome food that is thoughtfully put together and beautifully presented- delivered to your table by the loveliest human being who could easily be your next best friend.


But don’t take it from me, Zest magazine rated Twenty Seven Steps in their top 10 Christchurch restaurants for 2015. And they’d been open less than 3 months. Bravo Emma, Paul and team!

Go and see them, go and see them, go and see them!

16 New Regent Street, Christchurch                                                                                                                                         www.twentysevensteps.co.nz

P.s Ironically there are no photos of food, namely because I’m a weirdo about taking photos of food in public. Not that anyone there would have blinked an eyelid. But I promise you, the food was completely delicious.



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